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WorldMark® by Wyndham, one of more than 20 brands in the premier portfolio of Wyndham Destinations, offers 93 resorts and more than 7,100 vacation ownership units for approximately 227,000 owner families. WorldMark was created to offer a vacation ownership option flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing lifestyles. By the ocean, mountains, lakes or desert, WorldMark has the perfect vacation for all types of travelers.

A WorldMark® ownership is like having a vacation home at the lake, the mountains, and the beach at a fraction of the cost of a second home with none of the headaches. Comparable in price to traditional timeshares that offer only one location, for one week at a time, a WorldMark ownership gives you more than 60 locations to choose from.
WorldMark also allows traveling owners with families the extra space and privacy, while avoiding the expense, worry, and inconvenience of having to split up the family into two or more rooms. The kitchens eliminate the need to eat every meal out, further saving money and stretching precious vacation dollars.
What’s more, when you can go on vacation easily (and economically), you’ll simply go on vacation more often. It’s time that you can use to reduce stress, relax with loved ones, or participate in your favorite activities more often.
Your WorldMark® ownership gives you the right to stay at any of the 60-plus WorldMark resorts, at any time of year, and for any length of time, depending on the number of credits you own.
So, like traditional timeshares, your WorldMark ownership helps make going on vacation year after year more affordable and comfortable. But with WorldMark, you’re not tied to specific unit, at the same property, for a week at a time. You get it all.
Escape to the mountains for a secluded weekend, take the kids on a road trip during summer vacation, plan a week-long family reunion at the beach. With WorldMark, you decide where you want to go, when you want to go, what size unit (or units), and for how long you want to stay.
Since the WorldMark Vacation Credits can be used at any of the WorldMark resorts, and because they are yours for life (you can even pass them down to your children), you can make fantastic vacationing a family tradition.

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